How to print Pix4D Outputs in 3D

It is possible to print in 3D the model, using the 3D Textured Mesh.

It is possible to find a lot of different software to produce 3D Printable object from meshes or 3D printing software, as examples:

The procedure in Pix4D software is the following: 

1. Define Manual Tie Points all along the hull of the mesh.
2. Duplicate these MTPs and move these duplicates along the z axis to the minimum z of the whole project.
3. Create manually all the surfaces from the top MTPs to the bottom MTPs, use the counterclockwise direction to orient the surface towards the screen.
4. Create manually the bottom surface (with all the bottom MTPs), orient the surface towards the bottom (for example from bottom view use counterclockwise direction).
5. Check that all the surfaces will be used for mesh generation, and generate the mesh. 

Example 1

1. Using Meshmixer:

1.1. Fill in gaps and holes.
1.2 Clean and refine the model.
1.3. Prepare for 3D printing, making a flat bottom.
1.4. Export to save it as an STL file.

2. Using ReplicatorG:

2.1. Prepare for 3D printing.

3. Print and clean up.

For more information:


Example 2

1. Turn a mesh into a 3D printable object, using Blender:
2. Print using makerbot.

For more information:


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