How to convert the Orthomosaic .tiff Format from compressed to uncompressed


The orthomosaic file is created in compressed .tiff format.

In order to convert the mosaic file from compressed .tiff to uncompressed .tiff, it is needed to use external software.

Note: As an estimation, a .tiff compressed file with size 3.42 Kbytes may become 2432.26 Kbytes in uncompressed .tiff.

There is a free tool online that can be used to make the conversion:

1. Go to:
2. On the left menu, click Download.
3. Click Download IrfanView.
4. Download the software and install it, once installed:
5. Open the file by clicking File > Open.
6. On the top menu, click View > Original size.
7. On the top menu, click File > Save As and give the file another name and select TIF for file type.


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