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How to convert the Orthomosaic .tiff Format from compressed to uncompressed - PIX4Dmapper

PIX4Dmapper's orthomosaic file is created in compressed .tiff format. In order to convert the orthomosaic file from compressed .tiff to uncompressed .tiff, external software needs to be used.

Note: As an estimation, a .tiff compressed file with size 3.42 Kbytes may become 2432.26 Kbytes in uncompressed .tiff.

There is a free tool online that can be used to make the conversion:

1. Go to: http://www.irfanview.com/
2. On the left menu, click Download.
3. Click Download IrfanView.
4. Download the software and install it, once installed:
5. Open the file by clicking File > Open.
6. On the top menu, click View > Original size.
7. On the top menu, click File > Save As and give the file another name and select TIF for the file type.

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