How to generate contour lines with ArcGIS using the DSM generated in Pix4Dmapper

Pix4Dmapper can generate contour lines. For more information: 202558469.

In order to generate contour lines with ArcGIS:

1. Open ArcGIS.
2. Import the DSM: 202559669.
3. Open the ArcToolbox.
4. Choose Spatial Analyst tools.
5. Choose Surface.
6. Choose Contour.

For more information: ArcGIS help.


In order to improve the contour lines visually :


Delete small lines

Depending on the area and its elevation, some tiny contours might be generated (see picture below).



To automatically remove the tiny contours and get a better visual result:

1. Right-click the contour lines .shp file.
2. Choose Open Attribute table.
3. If there is no length field, create one: in the Menu, click Table options > Add field.

The new field should appear as in the following image:



4. Right-click the length field.
5. Select Calculate Geometry.
6. In the Property field, select Length.
7. Close the table.
8. On the Editor toolbar, select Editor > Start Editing.
9. In the menu, select  Selection > Select by attribute.
10. Choose a length value. All the contours that have lengths below this value will be selected.



11. Delete the selected lines.
12. On the Editor toolbar, select Editor > Save Edits.
13. On the Editor toolbar, select Editor > Stop Editing.



Smooth contour lines

 The contour lines are often sharp and need to be smoothed. This can be done in ArcGIS :

1. Open ArcToolbox.
2. Choose Cartography Tool.
3. Choose Generalization.
4. Choose Smooth Line.

For more information: ArcGIS help.



Edit the symbology

To edit the symbology of the contour lines: 202559729.


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