How to convert a .las File into TIN with ArcGIS 10.2

Pix4Dmapper .las file can be imported into ArcGIS software. In order to convert a .las file into TIN with ArcGIS 10.2:


1. Create a new LAS dataset.

1. Right click on the folder where the LAS dataset needs to be created.
2. On the context menu, click New > LAS Dataset.



3. Rename the LAS dataset from New Las Dataset to an appropriate name for the project.
4. Double click on the new LAS dataset,  the LAS Dataset Properties dialog box opens.
5. Select the LAS Files tab to add LAS files to the LAS dataset. It is possible to use Add Files or Add Folder.

For more information:  ArcGIS Help


2. Create a TIN (after having created the .las dataset).

1. Open ArcToolbox.
2. Choose 3D Analyst Tools.
3. Choose Conversion.
4. Choose From Las Dataset.
5. Choose Las Dataset to TIN.



For more information:  ArcGIS Help


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