Which Cameras exist in Pix4Dmapper Database and which Parameters are used?

All registered cameras, and each camera's parameters in the Pix4Dmapper camera database are registered in the icmdb.xml file located in the Pix4Dmapper installation folder, which is stored, by default, in:

C:\Users\Your Username\AppData\Local\pix4d\common

Tip: When using Windows File Explorer, the AppData folder is not visible by default. To view the hidden items click the View tab on File Explorer’s ribbon and click the Hidden items checkbox in the Show/hide section.
Example: 15MP image captured with a Canon EOS 500D using 18mm focal length:

<camera name="CanonEOS500D_18.0_4752x3168">
<band name="Red" centralWaveLength="660" width="0" weight="0.2126"/>
<band name="Green" centralWaveLength="550" width="0" weight="0.7152"/>
<band name="Blue" centralWaveLength="470" width="0" weight="0.0722"/>

Note: If a camera does not exist in the Pix4Dmapper camera database, contact the Support Team here
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  • Yongcai Wang


    I capature some photos with the BKL- TL10 camera of honor v10  for indoor 3D modeling.When I am going to process with Pix4d,then it shows error e0046:processing failed.No calibrated cameras.Attached some screenshots for reference.

    My camera parameters:


    focal length:4mm


    I am looking forward your reply.




  • Blaž (Pix4D)

    Hi Yongcai,

    From the screenshots, we can see that the processing stopped with the Error e0046: "Processing failed.". I would recommend checking the proposed solutions in the "Processing failed. No calibrated cameras." article. 

    Since the BKL- TL10 camera is not included in the internal camera database and I would recommend checking the How to calibrate a Perspective Lens Camera in order to compute the initial camera parameters.


  • Yongcai Wang


    I got your reply.Maybe the problem is caused by no enough images.I try more photos and could complete the initial processing but didn't get a good cloud points and textured scence.

    Now I want to complete indoor reconstruction,I found that only enough images that don't have geolocation tap is not sufficent to establish indoor 3D model.If I get a good indoor 3D model, could you give me some tips.

    Or I want to combine outdoor reconstruction and indoor reconstruction,how to do?

    Looking forward to your reply.


  • Blaž (Pix4D)

    For interior reconstruction, it is strongly recommended to use terrestrial images. High overlap is needed (90%). Therefore, it is recommended to use a fisheye lens camera.

    Manual Tie Points improve the reconstruction and help to properly adjust the model. For more information: webinar.

  • Michael Rawitch

    What are the units used for pixel size in this output? 

  • Blaž (Pix4D)

    Pixel size is defined in micrometers (μm).

  • Michael Rawitch

    Is it possible to identify which information corresponds to the DJI Zenmuse X5S? The common camera names for DJI don't appear to be in the field for name. 

  • Momtanu (Pix4D)

    Michael, zenmuse X5S is FC6520_DJIMFT15mmF1.7ASPH_15.0_5280x3956

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