How to move a project from one machine to another?

To move a project from one machine to another the following data must be transferred:

  • The input images, one or several folders.
  • The Pix4D project file: project_name.p4d.
  • The project folder located next to the .p4d file, containing all results and outputs: project_name.

Important: It is highly recommended to use the Save As software option to move a project to make sure all internal paths are updated. Just copying the project files and folders can break some links and prevent results to be loaded afterwards.
Tip: Keep a copy of the project in the initial location in case something goes wrong during the transfer. Remove it only after the project opens as expected in the new location.

The recommended procedure is as follows:

1. Open the project to be moved.
2. On the menu bar, click Project > Save As...
3. Browse for the final new directory (e.g. if the other machine is a connected server) or for an intermediate location (e.g. external disk, USB stick, etc.) and click Save.
4. Copy the image folder(s).

If the project is saved in an intermediate location:

5. Connect the memory device to the new machine.
6. Open the project from the external disk or the USB stick.
7. On the menu bar, click Project > Save As...
8. Browse for the final new directory and click Save.
9. Copy the image folder(s).


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  • Niken Andika Putri

    Hi everyone,

    I'd like to ask you about the process to move a project to another machine.

    I've tried to save and copy the input images folders, the pix4d project file, and the project folder located (containing all result and outputs) in an external disk.

    But, every time I try to open the project (from the external disk) in another machine to save as new project, it's said that the project can't find the images location. I've tried to select the folder where the images is located, but it didn't work.

    Is there any step that I probably skipped?

    I'll wait for your responses. Thank you.

  • Beata (Pix4D)

    Hi Niken,

    The best way to move a processed project from one location to another is by using the Save Project As... option that you can find in the Project menu. This way the entire project (.p4d and Results folder) will be moved to the new location. We recommend moving also the images in the new drive so that you make sure that all the links are maintained. If you copy paste the folders into another location, the internal links will not be updated and you cannot update them manually. Please also:

    • Ensure that you have all the images stored in one single folder and the copy of those images doesn't exist on your computer (the folder is not redundant).
    • Ensure that .p4d file is outside of the Result Folder so that you have a folder with all the images, the results folder and the .p4d file.

    We hope the above information solve your problem.


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