Photogrammetry knowledge

Which factors affect the accuracy of the automatic aerial triangulation (AAT)?

Having more overlap leads to more accurate AAT results:

Potentially, if each point can be found in at least 5 images, (the quality report graphic Overlap displays green color: Quality report specifications), the accuracy will be better.

But the overlap is not the only factor that helps the AAT:

  • Having very good, sharp images, then more points will be extracted
  • If the area has many characteristic points (urban areas) many more points are generated than if the area is homogeneous (sand, snow, etc)
  • GCPs and few manual tie points could also help.

After step.1 Initial Processing has been completed, to assess the accuracy of the AAT:

  • Check the quality report. For step-by-step instructions: Quality Report Help.
  • Create some manual tie points with the rayCloud marking them on 2 images and see their reprojection on the rest of the images. Good reprojection is a very good indicator of good AAT. For step by step instructions: How to import and mark Manual Tie Points (MTPs).