Difference between Pix4Dmapper output Orthomosaics

Pix4Dmapper generates two types of Orthomosaics:

  • project_name_mosaic_group_name: Orthomosaic with the type and number of bands of the input images. To generate this Orthomosaic, select GeoTIFF Without Transparency in the Processing Options. For more information about this option: 202557769.
  • project_name_transparent_mosaic_group_name (generated by default): Orthomosaic with one extra band (transparency band), which results in a transparent background of the Orthomosaic. 
Example: For example, if the input images are TIFF of 6 bands/16 bit float, the project_name_mosaic_group_name will be of 6 bands/16 bit float and the project_name_transparent_mosaic_group_name of 7 bands/16 bit float.


The difference is the following:

The project_name_mosaic_group_name gives a black color value to the no value data pixels. The project_name_transparent_mosaic_group_name does not display color information (it applies a transparent band) to the no value data pixels.
geo.png alpha_2.png


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