Output Files: After using the Index Calculator

When using the Index Calculator, different outputs are generated, modified, or deleted by different actions:


In section 1. Reflectance Map:

  • When generating a Reflectance Map, different folders are created:
Warning: By generating a new Reflectance Map, ALL previously-generated Index Calculator results will be DELETED.
    • A folder to store all the Index Calculator outputs:
    • A folder to store the DSM (.tif):
    • A folder to store the Reflectance Map(s) (.tif):

In section 3. Index Map:

  • When generating an Index Map / Index Grid, different folders are created:
Warning: If the Index formula is modified, by clicking Generate again, results of the selected Index will be overwritten and the previously-exported Colored Index Map will be deleted.
    • A folder for all the Index Maps / Index Grids generated based on the Regions defined in section 2. Regions:
    • A folder for each Index Map / Index Grid generated based on the Regions defined in section 2. Regions:

  • When editing a user-defined Index formula
Warning: When changing the name of a user-defined Index, all previously-generated files of the updated Index will also be renamed.
Warning: When changing the formula expression from a user-defined Index, ALL generated files of the updated Index (Index Map and Colored Index Map) will be DELETED.


  • When creating a new Index formula
    • The Index formula will be stored in the .p4d project file.

  • When deleting a user defined Index
    • The Index formula will be deleted from the .p4d project file.
Warning: When deleting a user-defined Index, ALL previously-generated files of the deleted Index (Index Map and Colored Index Map) will also be DELETED.


In section 5. Export:

  • When exporting Index Values and Rates as shapefiles
    • The Index Values and Rates files (.shp) are generated based on the class settings of section 4. Classes and stored in the folder:

      With the name:

  • When exporting a Colored Index Map
    • The Colored Index Map files (.tif, .jpg and .kml) are stored in the folder:

      With the name:
Warning: If any Classified Index Maps or Colored Index Maps already exist, generating new Maps will overwrite the existing ones.

For more information about the project folder structure: 202558649.

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