Using the Index Calculator

The use of the Index Calculator is optional and it can be used to:

  • Generate an Index Map / Index Grid where the color of each pixel is computed using a formula that combines different bands of the Reflectance Map(s).
  • Provide information about the bands of the Reflectance Map(s) and Index Map.
  • Visualize the Index Map as a Colored Index Map by applying a color mapping to it.
  • Export a georeferenced Colored Index Map.
  • Annotate the classes of the Index Map to generate an Application Map.
  • Export an Application Map as a shape file to be imported in any Tractors Consoles.

More information:

  • Index Calculator Manual: Full description of the different features: 202558289.
  • Video Academy: Index Calculator: 214483743.
  • Webinar: Index Calculator. Precision Agriculture: 204869965.

Articles about how to use the Index Calculator:

  • How to create a new Region with the Index Calculator: 204769419.
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  • How to generate an Index Map / Index Grid in the Index Calculator: 202560529.
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