Using GCPs

A Ground Control Point (GCP) is a characteristic point whose coordinates are known. Their coordinates have been measured with traditional surveying methods or have been obtained by other sources (LiDAR, older maps of the area, Web Map Service). GCPs are used to georeference a project and reduce the noise. 


More information:

  • Instructional Video: Georeferencing: 214483743.


Articles about how to use GCPs:

  • How to include GCPs in the project: 202560239

  • How to get GCPs on the field or through other sources: 202557489
  • How to obtain the georeference using 2D or 3D GCPs taken from a Web Map Service: 202560149

  • How to select the GCP coordinate system: 202560029

  • How to add / import GCPs in the GCP/MTP Manager: 360000276046.
  • How to add / import and mark GCPs with the rayCloud: 360000276046

  • How to mark GCPs with the Basic GCP/MTP Editor: 360000276046.
  • How to mark GCPs with the rayCloud: 360000276046.
  • How to import the Marks of GCPs/MTPs with the GCP/MTP Manager: 207881956.

  • How to export Manual Tie Points and/or GCPs with the rayCloud: 202560359.
  • How to export the marks of GCPs/Manual Tie Points with the GCP/MTP Manager: 204924709.
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