Using GCPs

A Ground Control Point (GCP) is a characteristic point whose coordinates are known. GCPs are used to georeference a project and reduce the noise. 


More information:

  • Instructional Video: Georeferencing: 214483743.

Articles about how to use GCPs:

  • How to include GCPs in the project: 202560239

  • How to get GCPs on the field or through other sources: 202557489
  • How to obtain the georeference using 2D or 3D GCPs taken from a Web Map Service: 202560149

  • How to select the GCP coordinate system: 202560029

  • How to add / import GCPs with the GCP/MTP Manager: 202560039.
  • How to add / import and mark GCPs with the rayCloud: 202560109

  • How to mark GCPs with the Basic GCP/MTP Editor: 202560099.
  • How to mark GCPs with the rayCloud: 202560769

  • How to export Manual Tie Points and/or GCPs with the rayCloud: 202560359.
  • How to export the marks of GCPs/MTPs with the GCP/MTP Manager: 204924709.
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