Using the rayCloud

The use of the rayCloud is optional and it can be used to:

  • Visualize the different elements of the reconstruction (Camera Positions, Reprojections (rays), GCPs, Manual / Automatic Tie Points, Processing Area, Clipping Box, Densified Point Cloud, Point Cloud Classification, 3D Textured Mesh, Video Animation Trajectories) and their properties.
  • Verify/ improve the accuracy of the reconstruction of the model.
  • Visualize point clouds created in other projects or with other software.
  • Georeference a project using GCPs and /or Scale and Orientation constraints.
  • Create Orthoplanes to obtain mosaics of any selected plane (for example, building facades).
  • Assign points of the point cloud to different point groups.
  • Improve the visual aspect.
  • Create objects and measure distances (polylines) and surfaces.
  • Create 3D fly-through animations (Video Animation Trajectories).
  • Export different elements (GCPs, Manual / Automatic Tie Points, Objects, Video Animation Trajectories).
  • Export point cloud files using points belonging to one or several groups.


More information:

  • rayCloud Manual: Full description of the different features: 202557959.
  • Webinar: Using the rayCloud: here .

Articles about how to use the raycloud:

  • How to use the rayCloud to improve accuracy: 202559119.
  • How to correct building artifacts in the DSM and Orthomosaic with the rayCloud: 202560449.
  • How to manually calibrate uncalibrated cameras in the rayCloud: 202560189.
  • How to annotate images with the rayCloud: 202560549.

  • How to generate the Point Cloud Classification: 115004864586.
  • How to edit Point Cloud points with the rayCloud: 202560499.

  • How to add and mark GCPs with the rayCloud: 360000276046.
  • How to add and mark Manual Tie Points with the rayCloud: 360000395103.
  • How to export Manual Tie Points and/or GCPs with the rayCloud: 202560359.
  • How to draw a New Scale Constraint: 205360375.
  • How to draw a New Orientation Constraint: 205360385.

  • How to draw a Processing Area with the rayCloud: 202560179
  • How to edit a Processing Area with the rayCloud: 202560599.

  • How to use the Clipping Box in the rayCloud: 204048035.
  • How to draw a New Polyline with the rayCloud: 202560309.
  • How to draw a New Surface with the rayCloud: 202560269.
  • How to edit Objects with the rayCloud: 202560609.
  • How to export Objects with the rayCloud: 202560369.

  • How to draw a New Orthoplane: 204664359.

  • How to create an Animation Trajectory with the rayCloud202560299.
  • How to export an Animation Trajectory with the rayCloud203123429.
  • How to import an Animation Trajectory with the rayCloud202560569.

  • How to visualize a Triangle Mesh in the rayCloud: 202560389.
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