How to upload project files on Pix4D Cloud

There are two alternatives for uploading the project files on Pix4D Cloud:

Upload a project from Pix4D Desktop

For the project to be successfully processed online:

Important: To be able to upload a project on Pix4D Cloud from Pix4D Desktop, the latest stable version should be installed on the computer. The latest stable version can be found here:

1. ALL STEPS of processing should be selected in Pix4D Desktop before the files are uploaded: 202557869.processing_steps.jpg

2. On the Menu bar, click Project > Upload Project Files...
3. In the File Upload window, check the box Start Processing
4. Click Upload.

Tip: Processing on the cloud is useful to visualize and share the project. 
  • For advanced outputs and editing, process the project locally following: 202557359.
  • To download the results folder from Pix4D Cloud: 115000707003.
  • The processing options can be modified and the project can be uploaded and processed on Pix4D Cloud afterward. For more information: 215858503.


Upload a project from Pix4D Cloud

1. Browse for
2. Login or Sign Up. 
3. Click "+" Upload new dataset.
4. Choose a name and set the acquisition date. 
5. In the Upload images section drag and drop the images. 
6. (optional) Check the box Start processing automatically after all images are uploaded
7. An email will be sent as soon as the project is processed. 

Important: When uploading a project on Pix4D Cloud for investigation, contact the Pix4D Support Team by submitting a support request here to inform them that the project has been uploaded and to provide information about the project.

Pix4D cares about your privacy and does not claim any ownership of your data. Find more information in our Terms of Use

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