Output Files: After Processing: 3. DSM, Orthomosaic and Index

Once step 3. DSM, Orthomosaic and Index starts, a folder named 3_dsm_ortho is created within the project_name folder and it contains all the results of step 3.

It contains the following folders:

  • 1_dsm: Stores the Raster DSM (2.5D) and the Grid DSM (2.5D) in the different formats selected (.tif, .las, .laz, .xyz). 
  • 2_mosaic: Stores the orthomosaic (with and without transparency).
    • google_tiles: Stores the Google Map Tiles and KML. 
  • dtm (optional): Stores the DTM.
  • extras (optional):
    • contours: Stores the contour lines. 
  • project_data: Stores data related to the project.
    • meditor: Stores data when using the Mosaic Editor. 
Note: The orthomosaic is overwritten when editing the mosaic using the Mosaic Editor.

Once step 3. DSM, Orthomosaic and Index is completed, the Quality Report is updated and reopened. The new information contains DSM, Orthomosaic and Index details and processing options: 202558679

For more information about the Project folder structure: 202558649.


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