Output Files: After Processing: 2. Point Cloud and Mesh

Once 2. Point Cloud and Mesh starts, a folder named 2_densification is created within the project_name folder and it contains all the results of step 2. 

It contains the following folders:

  • 3d_mesh: Stores the 3D Textured Mesh in the different formats selected. By default the .obj and the relative image for the texture as well as the .fbx file formats are generated.
    • project_name_simplified_3d_mesh_OSGB: Stores the multi-LOD mesh in .osgb format..
    • project_name_simplified_3d_mesh_SLPK: Stores the multi-LOD mesh in .slpk format.
  • point_cloud: Stores the Point Cloud in the different formats selected. By default only the .las file format is generated.
  • project_data: Stores different files needed by the software for the different processing steps, the Point Cloud and other selected outputs in the processing options in .p4b format. The .p4b files can only be opened in Pix4Dmapper.

Once step 2. Point Cloud and Mesh is completed, the Quality Report is updated and reopened. The new information contains Point Cloud Densification details and processing options: 202558679

For more information about the project folder structure: 202558649.

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