Output Files: After Processing: 1. Initial Processing

Once 1. Initial Processing starts, a folder named 1_initial is created within the project_name folder and it contains all the results of step 1.

It contains the following folders:

  • images: Not generated by default, stores the undistorted images that have been undistorted using the original images and camera model distortion parameters.
  • params: Generated if the Camera Internals and Externals, AAT, BBA is selected in the Export section of 1. Initial Processing205327965. It stores several files containing different parameters computed during the processing, such as internal and external camera parameters, initial and optimized GCP positions, etc. For more information: 202977149.
  • project_data: Stores different files needed by the software for different processing steps.
  • report: Generated always. Stores the Quality Report.

Once step 1. Initial Processing is completed, the Quality Report is generated. It contains information about the processing options, the results of step 1 and the accuracy control of the project: 202558679

For more information about the project folder structure: 202558649.


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