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Access: On the Menu bar, click Project > Upload Project Files... (active once a project has been loaded or created).

The File Upload pop-up appears, which allows the user to:


Upload and process a project on Pix4D Cloud

The File Upload window contains 2 sections:

and the action button:

  • Close: Closes the window.  

Upload Project and Image Files

The Upload Project and Image Files section contains the Start Processing box:

  • Start Processing: To start processing on Pix4D Cloud. For more information and step by step instructions: 202558589.
Note: When sending a project to Pix4D Support Team, there is no need to select Start Processing.


The Progress section contains:

      • Progress bar: Displays the upload status in percentage.
      • Upload: Allows to upload the selected files on the cloud.
      • Cancel: Cancels the upload.
Note: The solution that corresponds to the valid license used to process the project can be selected:
  • from the File Upload window: Click here to change the solution preference 
  • for more information: 215858503.


Upload Files on Sketchfab
Note: In order to use the 3D Textured Mesh in Sketchfab: 203282189.

The File Upload window contains 2 sections:

 and the action button:

  • Close: Closes the window.  


It displays the URL to log in or create (free of charge) a Sketchfab account.

Note: There is a limit on the size of the files that can be imported:
  • Basic (free account): 50MB per upload.
  • Pro: 200MB per upload.
  • Business: 500MB per upload.



It displays the instructions to upload the 3D Textured Mesh on Sketchfab: 204963595.


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