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Warning: A dataset of insufficient quality will lead to poor results or may even lead to processing failure. This requires taking a new dataset in the field.

The dataset (compulsory: images, optional but recommended: images' geolocation and ground control points (GCPs)) has to be obtained before using Pix4Dmapper. A good dataset is required in order to automatically produce results with high quality and accuracy. In order to take a good dataset, follow the steps below:

1. Designing the Image Acquisition Plan: It is very important to design a good image acquisition plan considering:

    • Type of project (aerial, terrestrial, mixed).
    • Type of terrain/object.
    • Type of camera.
    • Purpose of the project.
    • Image rate that the images are taken.
    • Distance (flight height) at which the images are taken and with which angle to take the images.
    • Path(s) to follow to take the images.
    • etc.

For aerial projects, this also implies:

    • Selecting corridor path or regular grid and/or circular grid.
    • Deciding whether terrestrial images will be used.
    • If more than one flight is needed to cover the full area: design the area to cover with each flight.

2. Configuring the Camera Settings: The camera settings used to acquire the images need to be configured. Wrong configuration can result in images with blur, noise, distortions, etc.

3. Georeferencing the Images (optional but recommended): The images can be georeferenced using a camera with built-in GPS or using external GPS devices.

4. Getting GCPs on the field or through other sources (optional but recommended): Using GCPs requires planning how many GCPs have to be acquired, as well as where and how they have to be measured.


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