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To create a new project:

1. Start Pix4Dmapper.
2. On the Menu bar, click Project > New Project...

3. The New Project wizard opens:

4.  In Name: type a name for the project.
5. (optional) In Create in: click Browse... On the Select Project Location pop-up, navigate to select the folder where the project and results will be stored and click Select Folder.

Warning: Ensure that:
  • The project name DOES NOT use special character(s).
  • The path where the project will be created DOES NOT use special character(s).
  • The project name and the path together contain less than 128 characters.
Note: When the wizard is completed, a folder named after the project will be created in the selected folder and it will store all the results.

6. (optional) Select the check box Use As Default Project Location to save all new projects in the selected folder.
7. In Project Type, keep the default option New Project selected.
8. Click Next.


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