Difference between Pix4D and GIS software


There are several geographic information system (GIS) software like ArcGIS, Global Mapper, Quantum GIS (QGIS), etc. Such software have numerous functionalities for analyzing spatial data. What Pix4D software does, is to provide the input for spatial analysis.

GIS software need some input (point cloud, DSM, orthomosaic) and the do not do image processing in order to acquire this input. 

Pix4D can process thousands of images and generate point clouds, DSM, orthomosaic. These files can be imported into GIS software. Pix4D products also have several useful GIS functions such as:

  • Measurements.
  • Volume calculations.
  • Contour lines generation.
  • Point cloud classification.
  • Vectorization.

Pix4D does not replace the full functionalities of a GIS software.

For more information about the Pix4D files that can be imported into GIS software: Pix4D outputs with other software > by software.

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