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For more information: Beta macOS version of PIX4Dmapper 3.0.

Alternatively, PIX4Dmapper can be installed on Windows using Boot Camp. Mac Systems using parallel are not supported, as they use a virtual Operating System which may give problems with the display of the rayCloud and may fail processing.


Windows XP

PIX4Dmapper is not supported on Windows XP. It may work but it is not guaranteed since Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP. Almost all software and hardware providers stopped taking Windows XP into consideration for their drivers updates.

The recommended Operating System is Windows 10. For more information about the System Requirements: Computer requirements - PIX4Dmapper



The Linux version is only available with Pix4Dengine. For more information, contact Sales team.


Remote access and virtual machine

We do not test PIX4Dmapper for remote access, and thus we do not officially support it. The processing may be successful, yet most probably, the rayCloud will not display properly due to the OpenGL error. A solution to this problem was described in the Error e0094: It was not possible to initialize OpenGL article. 

An alternative is to use the software TeamViewer which permits the visualization of a remote desktop using a different technology. It must be installed both on the remote and the local desktop using the same version. Note that the free license gives errors when used with Windows server 2008 or 2010.

Information: A computer may use OpenGL 3.x or 4.x if accessed directly, but only 1.0 if accessed using Windows Remote Desktop or Remote Desktop. TeamViewer keeps the original OpenGL version.


Distributed or parallel processing

PIX4Dmapper cannot distribute processing over multiple computers. However, it is optimized to take advantage of multi-Cores and multi-Processors.

It is possible to:

By default, the software will use all the cores and all the RAM available. It is possible to select the number of cores and the amount of RAM to be used for processing: How to modify the resources (cores and RAM) assigned for processing.

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  • Baron Williams

    Sorry Guys, since you do not support Mac computers with updated software I will move on to another software package that does.


  • Jonathan Glaser

    your support makes reference to the mac beta  but the link as copy/pasted takes me in a loop with no solution .

    ( For more information: Beta macOS version of Pix4Dmapper 3.0.    )

    Do you have any beta solution for me to take my pix4d captured images and build out and texture my 3D model on my preferred mac os network?



    Edited by Jonathan Glaser
  • Avatar
    Beata (Pix4D)

    Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you for letting us know that the link wasn't working in the way it should. 

    I fixed the broken link.

    Check our communication here Beta macOS version of Pix4Dmapper 3.0.


  • Robin Camirand


    I'm having issues with opening a processed file on my MacBook.  I have been using the trial version of the Mac Pix4d mapper software. 


    I'm having issues with viewing the TIF files.   I have processed some <100 photo maps and the tif file opens up and views properly. 


    I've successfully processed a 246 image file on both the cloud and on my Mac, and cannot open the TIF file.  From either processing method, I download and try to open and it gives me an error saying that the files "it may be damaged, or uses a format that is not compatible with preview".


    Any thoughts?



  • Avatar
    Beata (Pix4D)

    Hi Robin,

    Could you tell me how are you opening the TIF file?



  • Robin Camirand

    I simply click on it. I’ve tried right clicking, but hey default it opens in the “preview” program on Mac.

    Smaller maps open easily. Their icons in “finder” show the image, but the larger maps do not show the image on the icon.

    I’m trying to send the tif file to a potential client to see if it’s a product they would like.

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