Regarding Omega Phi Kappa - Yaw Pitch Roll - Camera Orientation

Accurate Omega, Phi, and Kappa values can be incorporated to accelerate processing time and produce more accurate results using the Accurate Geolocation and Orientation Calibration Method: 205327965.

It is possible to test the accuracy of the initial Omega, Phi, and Kappa values according to the variance (RMS) which appears in the Quality Report or compare the initial orientation with the optimized orientation calculated by Pix4Dmapper. To test the accuracy of the initial Omega, Phi, and Kappa values apply Standard or Alternative Calibration Method: 205327965.

Pix4Dmapper calculates the optimized orientation during the Step 1. Initial Processing.

Initial camera orientation as defined by Omega, Phi, and Kappa can be calculated using Yaw, Pitch, and Roll, and depends on several factors including position on the earth and output coordinate system. However, the definition of Yaw, Pitch, and Roll may vary for different UAV manufacturers so it is not possible to guarantee that Omega, Phi, and Kappa can be calculated accurately for all UAVs.

Pix4D has worked with a number of UAV partners to automatically calculate Omega, Phi, and Kappa using Yaw, Pitch, and Roll stored in a flight log that belongs to any of our listed UAV manufacturers: 202558539.

  • How Pix4D defines Omega, Phi, Kappa: 202558969.
  • How Pix4D defines Yaw, Pitch, Roll: 205675256.
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