Error e0049: Error in the point cloud densification


Error e0049: Error in the point cloud densification.



Processing step 2 stops with the message:

Error e0049: Error in the point cloud densification.



This error may come from different sources:

  • There is not enough RAM

The project .log file contains the message:

Failed with error (bad allocation)!

This means that the RAM available is not enough for the amount of points generated. This may be due to the number of images, their resolution, the processing options or the available resources.

  •  The processing area is wrongly defined

The project .log file contains any of the following message:

[Error]: Cannot densify the point cloud! There are 0 points in the densification area!

This means that the Processing Area is defined outside the results of Step 1, and therefore there are no Automatic Tie Points available to be densified.



  • There is not enough RAM:

The possible solutions are:

1. Use a computer with more RAM.
2. Reduce the number of points generated in the processing options. For step by step instructions: How to change the Processing Options to generate fewer 3D Points .

  • The processing area is wrongly defined

1. Change the processing options and process again the step 2:

1. On the Menu bar, click Process > Processing Options...
2. In 2. Point Cloud and Mesh, in the Advanced tab, in the Point Cloud Filters section, deselect Use Processing Area.
3. Click OK.

2. Edit the Processing Area so that it includes Automatic Tie Points: How to edit a Processing Area in the rayCloud.


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