Using PIX4Dcloud AR to View Projects in Augmented Reality - PIX4Dcatch

This article explains how to use PIX4Dcloud AR to visualize projects in Augmented Reality (AR).

  1. PIX4Dcatch professional license is required for PIX4Dcloud AR
  2. PIX4Dcatch professional license is highly recommended to get your project accurately displayed in AR using an RTK device.

Accessing PIX4Dcloud AR

To access PIX4Dcloud AR and view projects in augmented reality:

  1. Open the app PIX4Dcatch unnamed (5).png
  2. Access the tool menu by tapping the icon

    unnamed (4).png

  3. Select PIX4Dcloud AR from the available tools.


Viewing Projects in AR

Important: Users can use PIX4Dcloud AR feature without an RTK device connected to PIX4Dcatch; however, please be aware that the dataset may not be accurately geolocated in AR as a result. For precise geolocation and optimal display in AR, we strongly recommend using an RTK device with PIX4Dcatch during data capture.

Follow these steps to view your projects in augmented reality:

  1. Ensure accurate positioning with an RTK device
  2. Pick your desired PIX4Dcloud project from the list displayed.r13413135.png
  3. Start moving around the project area with RTK fix, then watch as your selected project materializes in Augmented Reality.

Layer Management

Control layer visibility and settings for optimal AR experience:

  • Toggle layers and navigate trough annotations using on/off using intuitive checkboxes.


  • Adjust layer opacity to fine-tune annotations and design overlays.


  • Modify properties directly within the AR interface for enhanced customization.


Exiting PIX4Dcloud AR

To exit PIX4Dcloud AR and return to the interface:

  1. Access the tool menu again within the interface.
  2. Click on PIX4Dcloud AR to exit the AR mode.
    unnamed (6).png
  3. Confirm your decision to exit when prompted.