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Getting the most out of Pixie chatbot

Welcome to Pix4D's generative AI chatbot, Pixie. This article presents best practices for utilizing the chatbot effectively. To ensure the best experience, please follow the instructions below.

Disclaimer: Chatbot’s responses may not always be accurate and should not be considered guaranteed representations of Pix4D services and products. Additionally, they do not imply any contractual agreement between the parties involved.

How can Pixie help me?

Pixie assists with sorting out technical problems and clarifying workflows and features regarding Pix4D products.

The chatbot's core comprises all the technical knowledge in the Pix4D Documentation.
If technical information or articles related to a specific Pix4D product are needed, the chatbot will provide links to relevant resources. This allows for a deeper dive into the topics of interest.

Important: Licensing, device deactivation, and other topics requiring human interaction should be forwarded directly to Support.

How to use Pixie

Click on the Pixie icon at the bottom right to try it! Pixie_Icon.png

Begin by selecting a product 

While interacting with the chatbot, a list of Pix4D products is available. It’s highly recommended to choose the product so the chatbot can provide tailored information related to the specific product.
Pix4D product/s can also be mentioned while typing the query, but other non-related Pix4D products might be mentioned in the answers, so if this happens, select the product and ask again.

Two products: If the question refers to two Pix4D products, for example, "How to share to PIX4Dcloud while using PIX4Dfields," the product that should be selected in Pixie's selector is PIX4Dfields. This will better narrow the information to the PIX4Dfields Documentation.

Formulating questions

While describing queries, strive for clear and concise questions.

  • Be specific:
    In questions, provide as much detail as possible to help the chatbot understand queries accurately. Relevant product names, features, or issues should be included to narrow down the scope of the response. Try to mention one or two related products.
  • Use natural language:
    The bot understands natural language. A conversational tone should be used, avoiding overly technical terms that may confuse the chatbot or lead to inaccurate responses.
  • Ask direct questions:
    Questions should be formulated as direct inquiries to obtain precise answers from the chatbot. Ambiguous or open-ended questions should be avoided as they could lead to misunderstandings.
  • Provide context:
    If necessary, context or background information should be provided to help the chatbot better understand the query. Details about the current situation, previous interactions, or specific requirements could be included.
  • Break down complex queries:
    For complex questions or issues, consider breaking them down into smaller, more manageable parts. This allows the chatbot to address each component separately, providing more accurate responses.
  • Use Keywords:
    Incorporate relevant keywords related to queries to help the chatbot identify the main topic of discussion. Features should be mentioned as they are written in each Pix4D product. This can improve the accuracy of the response and ensure that the chatbot understands the intent.

Keep the conversation going

Once the product is selected or the query is provided, follow-up questions or clarifications can be asked. The chatbot is designed to keep track of the conversation, so repetition is unnecessary.

Providing feedback with Thumb Up and Down

The chatbot provides a simple feedback system to improve assistance. Here's how it works:

Thumb Up
If the answer was helpful and solved the problem, clicking the thumb-up icon provides positive feedback.

Thumb Down
Clicking the thumb-down icon when the answer doesn't meet expectations provides feedback for improvement.

Regenerate new response

Give the chatbot another chance to assist by prompting it to try again and provide a different response. Sometimes, slightly adjusting the question or approach can lead to a more accurate answer.
We encourage users to try reformulating the answer or the question at least once before contacting support. This gives the chatbot another opportunity to find the right solution, potentially saving time and providing a quicker resolution than human support.

Get human support

This option directs to the Contact Support form if further assistance is needed. 

Let us know what you think

We value feedback. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or encounter any issues while using the chatbot. Please send feedback to: feedback@pix4d.com.

Privacy and security

By using the chatbot you acknowledge that the conversations are recorded for statistical purposes or improvement of our Services and you agree with our Privacy policy. Please note that sharing personal details or data is not required to send queries

Contact support

If, after using Pixie, the problem is not resolved, fill out the following Contact Support form.