Missing button/oversized menus - PIX4Dfields

This article explains why some buttons can be missing or menus seem disproportionately large. These issues often stem from scale problems, which can occur due to various factors. In this article, we'll delve into the reasons behind such occurrences and offer practical solutions.

Identifying the problem

Let's take the example of sharing to PIX4Dcloud. You might find that the Upload button is missing, or the menu is misaligned, making it impossible to proceed with the action.


Similarly, during image processing, the Processing options appear unnaturally large.


Resolving scale issues

These anomalies typically arise from display settings. When the scale is not appropriately adjusted, elements within the interface may behave unexpectedly. This can manifest as missing buttons, oversized menus, or improperly sized icons and fonts.

Reducing scale

Follow these steps to adjust the display settings:

  • Right-click on the desktop or type Display settings in the search bar.
  • Click Display settings.
  • Click Scale.
  • Reduce the Custom scaling.

If the problem persists, reduce it even more.

Reducing PIX4Dfields windows size

The are some cases that are resolved by simply reducing the windows size.
For example, if PIX4Dfields is in "full screen", the Upload button is not visible.

By simply reducing PIX4Dfields windows size by double-clicking on the upper gray bar and adjusting the size, the Upload button is visible.