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The Videos & Views feature is designed to help create shareable content by generating a video animation based on user-defined views. This feature can be useful for personal, business, or marketing purposes as it allows creating and exporting a universal video format.

Note: This feature is available for PIX4Dmatic version 1.53 or above.

How to create a video animation

At least 2 Views need to be created to generate a video animation. The Views are used as waypoints through which the imaginary camera will fly. The video will move between the different Views by modifying its position and orientation according to each View

Tip: This tool uses the visual context of the 3D view. At least the Dense point cloud processing step must be completed before using it.  

To use the Videos and Views tool:

    • Click on the video.png Videos & Views tab in the bottom right corner.  
    • Navigate in the 3D view to the desired location.
    • Save the current view by clicking on Save current view or using the Ctrl+B keyboard shortcut.
    • The first view is created and added to the Views list.

      Creating a View.

  • Navigate to the next desired viewpoint in 3D and repeat the procedure to save the next view. 
  • Repeat as needed. 
  • A yellow camera will be created in the 3D view, showing the location and orientation of each view. 

    Location and orientation of the Views in the 3D view.

  • Each View can be edited to change the name and add an optional description.

    A title and a description can be added in the View tab.

  • Click on Create Animation.
  • Once the Animation is created, the following should be visible:
    • All the camera Views
    • The path of the virtual camera
    • Pause and Play button for the preview of the video animation.
    • The video animation settings.


    Final path for the video animation.



Video animation settings
Duration[s] Sets the duration of the video in seconds.
Interpolation Controls transition smoothness with either Constant speed or Constant time between keyframes. 
Frame rate [fps] Adjusts frames per second for motion fluidity.
Resolution [px] Sets video clarity in pixels, in 1080p, 2K, or 4K. 

Adjusts compression between Very high, High, Medium, Low.

Destination Specifies the video saving or sharing location.


After creating the Views and modifying the video animation settings, click on Export video to export the video animation to the location identified in the Destination setting. The status bar will be updated with the progress of the export. After the export is complete, a .webm file will be created in the desired location for further use. 

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