The mission interrupts, the drone stops, and it stays still - PIX4Dcapure Pro




During a mission, the drone suddenly stops and stays still.


Cause 1

The problem described above can be caused by an unsatisfactory connection with the drone. PIX4Dcapture Pro might not receive the command of the mission finished once the drone finishes the mission. 

With drones with virtual sticks (DJI Mini 3 Pro and DJI Mini 3), the cause can also be in the drone is not receiving the command to continue the mission. These drones need constant connection for receiving the orders.

Cause 2

The user is flying in or near a No Flight Zone (NFZ) without proper permissions set in the drone manufacturer app. This is causing the drone to stop.


Solution 1

Ensure that the connection between the controller and the drone is satisfactory along the entire area covered by the mission and that there are no obstacles (buildings, trees, ...). In general, the pilot shouldn't fly without having a clear line of sight (LOS)

Solution 2

Ensure to unlock the drone for different types of NFZ using the app of the drone manufacturer.

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