Zonation migration - PIX4Dfields

This article explains the new zonation migration feature introduced in PIX4Dfields 2.5.
This new feature is based on a grid that the user can personalize considering several aspects, allowing to adapt better to different applications.
The following example shows an old zonation migrated to PIX4Dfields 2.5 Targeted Operation zonation.

The former zonation had four zones, and the user was not able to either manually draw, edit or add zones after the zonation was created.
The only editable field was the Rate, which had no units assigned and it would depend on the machinery that was used.
The new Zonation provides a set of tools to edit it, even after the Zonation was created.

This is the same zonation migrated to the new Targeted Operation zonation format:

  • We see the new menu is called OPERATION.
  • Units are determined by clicking the Setting.jpg Settings icon.
  • The X box refers to cells without an assigned zone. They can be filled with a specific zone color.
  • New zones are added by clicking the +.pngicon, creating up to seven.

For more information about the Targeted Operation zonation: How to create zonations for targeted spraying - PIX4Dfields