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How to create and delete an Organization

This article explains how to create and delete an Organization.

Important: This article is valid for Enterprise users who already belong to an Organization.

Create an Organization

  1. Log in with the Pix4D credentials in, or
  2. There are several ways to create an Organization:
    • In the PIX4Dcloud Drive, in the top right corner, next to the user icon, click the Organization switcher.
      Create an organization switcher.png
    • In the Account setting in the user portal:
      • In the top right corner, next to the user icon, click the Organization switcher. or
      • On the Home page, under Your organization section.
        Create organization User portal.png
  3. Click + New organization.
  4. Complete the following information to create an Organization as a Business owner or Individual.
    Create an organization.png
  5. Click Create.
Warning: If the Organization is of the Business type, note that it requires a legal name that cannot be changed once created.
Note: The user who creates the Organization will have the Owner role automatically.
  • Once the Organization is created, anyone can be invited to an organization:
    • New users who do not have a Pix4D account.
    • Existing individual Pix4D users without a license.
      • If there is an issue when inviting a user who already has an account in the Pix4D database, please Contact Customer Success at
  • It is possible to transfer items between Organizations under certain conditions. For more information, Transfer folders, sites and projects between organizations.
Example: It is possible that a user belongs to more than one Organization, in these cases, the user will be invited to the new one with a particular role and nothing will change in the existing organization:
  • Chris belongs to Organization2 where he is an Editor. He is now invited to Organization3 as Manager by Jane (Owner of Organization3).
  • Chris will belong to Organization2 (as Editor) and Organization3 (as Manager).

Delete an Organization

  1. Log in with the Pix4D credentials in
  2. Click Organization settings > My Organization.
    Delete an organization.png
  3. Click Delete my organization.
  4. Type DELETE.
    Delete organization confirmation.png
  5. Click Delete.
  • Note that only Owner roles can delete an Organization.
  • Deleting an Organization is an irreversible process; once deleted, it is not possible to access the projects or access the licenses that the Organization previously had.