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Targeted spraying maps for XAG P100's drones with PIX4Dfields

The following article describes how to export a targeted spraying map created with PIX4Dfields Targeted Operation feature, to be used by XAG P100 and P100pro spraying drones.

Create and export map from PIX4Dfields

After creating the Targeted Operation map following: How to create a targeted spraying map - PIX4Dfields, the map is ready to be exported. Make sure that zones have a rate assigned, if they are set to 0 they will not be recognized later.
  • Go to Export, Operations.
  • Select the Operation to be exported.
  • Select XAG.
  • Click Continue.
  • Select what to do with the holes inside the boundary
    • If treated as Obstacles.
      • The drone will not fly over these areas.
    • If treated as No-spray areas.
      • The drone will fly over without spraying
  • Click Export.
  • A .kml file will be exported.

Example of an operation map with holes and obstacles:

If exported as:

  • Obstacles:

  • No-spray zones:

Upload map into XAG FMS platform.

After exporting the Operation map as XML, go to the XAG FMS platform. In order to create an account on XAG FMS platform, download the XAG ONE app.

  • Log in to XAG FMS platform..
  • Go to Farmland, and click Upload.
  • Select the .kml exported from PIX4Dfields.
  • Select XAG one option and confirm.

  • The spraying map is ready to be accessed from within the app.

Import map into XAG remote controller

In order to import the Operation map into the controller:

    • Log in to the XAG app.
    • Go to Operations.
    • Select the field.
    • Click on the drone image and connect to the RTK.
    • Determine the Spraying settings accordingly.
    • Determine the Route settings accordingly:
      • Make sure to set the Boundary and Obstacle safety clearance, recommended is 4mts.
      • Set the Approaching route altitude, this refers to the altitude the drone will have until reaching the first point of the mission.
      • Under Advanced settings, Boundary operation, turn on the Edge operation if needed. This will create a boundary application on the edges.

Warning: Please make sure to properly determine safety height and distances in order to avoid any damage.

Finish setting everything up, load desired product, and fly.

Safe flights!

Tip: The following video explains the full drone-to-drone solution from flying a Mavic 3 Multispectral, processing in PIX4Dfields, and obtaining a Targeted Operation map to be used in a XAG P100.