PIX4Dengine CLI - Obsolete

Pix4Dengine Server Installation on Windows

Warning:This article refers to the command line interface (CLI) and not to the newest version of Pix4Dengine SDK.
We highly recommend migrating to the Pix4Dengine SDK. To get access to the latest documentation please visit Pix4Dengine Server SDK.

This article shows how to download, install and configure Pix4Dengine Server on Windows.

Important: The requirements to follow this article are:
  • To be connected to the Internet
  • A valid Pix4Dengine Server license. To purchase one, please contact us.

1. Download

To download the Pix4Dengine Server installer for Windows (.msi installer), go to Pix4D download page.

Note: Documentation and support are not available for the preview version. We recommend testing it before using it for production work.

2. Install

To install Pix4Dengine Server, open the Windows Command Prompt and execute the following command:

msiexec /i A:\Example.msi

By default, the newly installed Pix4Dengine Server executable is not automatically added to the Windows PATH variable. As a consequence, it would be necessary change the working directory to the <Pix4Dengine Server installed directory> to use the command line. Alternatively, it is possible to add the Pix4Dengine Server executable to the PATH. To do so:

  • Launch the Windows Command Prompt
  • Type the following command:
    set PATH=%PATH%;"<Pix4Dengine Server installed directory>"

3. Configure

Before processing a project, it is necessary to login and accept the EULA (after having read it). To do so, type the following command:

pix4dmapper -c --email EMAIL_ADDRESS --password PASSWORD --accept-eula yes

The -c argument is used to prevent the graphical user interface (GUI) from opening.

Note: This and other configuration data are saved in the registry under Current user/Software/Pix4d/Pix4D mapper for Windows.

Going forward

Process a first project with Pix4Dengine Server by following the instructions here: Pix4Dengine Server first processing.