Pix4D Desktop 4.1 Technical Release Notes

Version Release date Release type  
4.1.23 January 18, 2018 Bug fix release Download
4.1.22 December 22, 2017 Bug fix release Download
4.1.21 December 20, 2017 Bug fix release  Download
4.1.19 December 14, 2017 New release  Download



Version 4.1.23

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue that projects cannot be uploaded on the AWS Japan.
  • Fixed issues that Pix4D Desktop freezes when uploading or downloading a project to the Pix4D Cloud.
  • Fixed bug that the vertical coordinate system is different in the .p4d file when a project is created via the command line or via the UI.


Version 4.1.22

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug that was setting WGS 84 as default coordinate system for the outputs.


Version 4.1.21

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue that the command line mapper did not accept new project name containing a space in the name.
  • The title bar of the software information refers now to a Stable version rather than a Preview.


Version 4.1.19

What's new

  • Web links in error messages. Error messages take you directly to Pix4D's Support website to provide a faster solution.
  • New template manager/wizard. New personalized template categories in the Template Manager provide easier access to popular templates. More information: 205327435.
  • Point Cloud Classification from the Process menu. The densified point cloud can be automatically classified after step 2 has finished. More information: 115005737903.

Other enhancements and changes

  • Splash screen provides more comprehensive information about software status.
  • More intuitive management of point cloud groups. A color legend has been added for each point group and the "Deleted" point group has been renamed "Disabled".
  • Improved texturing of 3D textured mesh for spherical cameras.
  • Removed accuracy information for check points from the quality report.
  • Improved right sidebar in the rayCloud provides more efficient use of screen real estate.
  • Removed redundant Display Properties from the layers list in the left sidebar.
  • More informative progress bar while automatically classifying the point cloud.
  • Updating from 4.0 to 4.1 does not require to login.
  • New procedure for logging in using command line. 

Bug fixes

  • Fixed crash when editing the camera model parameters in the Edit Camera Model window. 
  • Improved color matrix correction for senseFly modified cameras.
  • 3D Textured Mesh processing options added to the log file.
  • Point cloud density reported in the quality report matches the units of measurement of the output coordinate system.
  • Fixed issue that the geolocation bias is not calculated when using the site calibration option.
  • Fixed freeze during mesh texturing. 
  • Fixed issue of occasional crashes of Sequoia projects on Linux machines. 
  • Fixed issues with camera rig definition of MultiSPEC 4C camera.
  • Fixed cropping issue in video animation.
  • Resized widget to display full name of all coordinate systems. 


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