How to upload results and outputs to the cloud

It is possible to upload some results and outputs to the cloud without (re-)processing the project on Pix4D servers.

  • Currently only specific files can be uploaded using the web cloud platform (depending on the solution: Pix4Dmapper, Pix4Dbim, Pix4Dag, Pix4Dmodel).
  • For existing projects that were processed on the cloud servers, uploading outputs does NOT delete the results. The new outputs only replace the results that are displayed but do not replace them in the project folders that can be downlaoded using from Download > Export to Pix4D Desktop. For more information: 115000707003.

From Pix4D Cloud

1. Go to Pix4D Cloud and log in with a valid Pix4D account.
2. For a new project (no images are processed):

2.1. On the left toolbar, click New project. Alternatively, click NEW PROJECT at the top of the project view.
2.2. In the upper-left corner, click to set the project's name.

2. For an existing project that was processed on the cloud servers:

2.1. Select the project where to upload outputs(s).

3. On the left sidebar, select the view Files > Results.
4. Click UPLOAD FILE(S) under the output to be uploaded, and browse for the directory to select the file. Alternatively, it is possible to drag and the file(s) onto the respective output section. Supported files are:

  • Orthomosaic: GeoTIFF or .tif.
  • DSM: GeoTIFF or .tif.
  • Point cloud: .las.
  • Mesh: .obj, .mtl, .jpg. ALL three files must be imported.
  • NDVI: GeoTIFF or .tif.

5. The upload window pops up showing the status. Once successful, click CLOSE.
6. An email is sent after the output is available. Click the link in the email to open the project page that displays the output in the Map view.


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  • Susan Myers

    Would like the option of uploading from desktop to cloud multiple .LAS point cloud files for a project.  For now, I will upload the project files multiple times, one for each .LAS file as my workaround.  Thank you.

  • Ina (Pix4D)

    Hi Susan,


    Could you please post your suggestion on the Cloud - Product feedback community category?

    This way the other users will have the opportunity to comment on the utility of the request. This, of course, will also give us more insights into the potential usability of the requested feature.


    Thank you for your understanding. 




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