Pix4D Desktop 4.1 Preview Technical Release Notes

Version Release date Release type Link
4.1.15 November 30th 2017 Preview Download
4.1.10 November 6th 2017 Preview Download
4.1.3 October 4th 2017 Preview Download

Disclaimer: The preview version contains new features and bug fixes. Documentation and support are not available. We recommend testing the preview version before using it for production work. 

What's new

  • (4.1.15) Splash screen: displays the actions taken place while the software is loading.

Enhancements and changes

  • (4.1.15) Improvements in the point cloud classification: run classification from the Process menu, add color legend for classification group, rename "Deleted" point group into "Disabled".
  • (4.1.15) Improved templates wizard: new categories for templates.
  • (4.1.15) Texture mesh improvements for spherical cameras.
  • (4.1.15) Remove accuracy information for check points from the quality report.
  • (4.1.10) Support web links in error messages. 
  • (4.1.10) Improved the right sidebar in the rayCloud.
  • (4.1.10) Improved display properties in the layers section of the left sidebar. 
  • (4.1.3) Improved progress bar while classifying the point cloud.
  • (4.1.3) Updating from 4.0 to 4.1 does not require new login.
  • (4.1.3) Changes in the command line log in procedure. 

Bug fixes

  • (4.1.15) Improved color matrix correction for senseFly modified cameras.
  • (4.1.15) 3D Textured Mesh settings are displayed in the log file.
  • (4.1.15) Point cloud density in the quality report matches the units of the project.
  • (4.1.15) Geolocation bias is not calculated when using the site calibration option.
  • (4.1.10) Fixed freeze during mesh texturing. 
  • (4.1.10) Occasional crashes of Sequoia projects on Linux machines. 
  • (4.1.3) Fixed issues with camera rig definition of MultiSPEC 4C camera.
  • (4.1.3) Fixed cropping issue in video animation.
  • (4.1.3) Fixed coordinate widget size so that the full name of coordinate systems to be displayed. 


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