Pix4D Desktop 4.1 Preview Technical Release Notes

Version Release date Release type Link
4.1.3 October 4th 2017 Preview Download

Disclaimer: The preview version contains new features and bug fixes. Documentation and support are not available. We recommend testing the preview version before using it for production work. 

Enhancements and changes

  • (4.1.3) Improved progress bar while classifying the point cloud.
  • (4.1.3) Updating from 4.0 to 4.1 does not require new login.
  • (4.1.3) Changes in the command line log in procedure. 

Bug fixes

  • (4.1.3) Fixed issues with camera rig definition of MultiSPEC 4C camera.
  • (4.1.3) Fixed cropping issue in video animation.
  • (4.1.3) Fixed coordinate widget size so that the full name of coordinate systems to be displayed. 

Known issues

  • (4.1.3) Discovery license is not accessible when it is the only available license.
    • Workaround: install the 3.3.29 version or log in using the command line interface.


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