How to upload images using the cloud platform

This article describes the procedure to upload images in order to process a new project on the cloud servers.

1. Go to Pix4D cloud and log in with a valid Pix4D account.
2. On the left toolbar, click Upload images. Alternatively, click UPLOAD IMAGES at the top of the project view.
3. In the upper-left corner, click to set the project's name.
4. On the sidebar, select the tab Files.

Warning: Upload will start right after images are selected, and an upload pop-up will appear in the lower-right corner. By default, processing will start automatically after all images are successfully uploaded. However, it is possible to disable this option by clicking CANCEL in the upload pop-up.


5. In the image view, click UPLOAD IMAGES and browse for the directory to select the images. Alternatively, drag-and-drop images from the folder where they are stored.

    • Leaving the Pix4D cloud page or closing the upload pop-upic_cross_light_black.pnginterrupts the upload. However, it can be resumed and images already uploaded remain on the servers.
    • Staying on the Pix4D cloud page but navigating (e.g. displaying results of another project) does not interfere with the upload.
    • Once uploaded, images cannot be removed from the project.
    • It is possible to display images full screen for inspection by clicking the thumbnails.

During the upload progress, several icons inform of each image status:

ic_uploaded_green.png ic_uploading_blue.png ic_delete_light_black.png ic_warning_red.pngic_delete_light_black.png ic_retry_red.pngic_delete_light_black.png
Successfully uploaded. Currently being uploaded. Waiting to be uploaded.
It can be removed from the project by clicking the trash icon.
Identified as duplicate.
The same image cannot be uploaded twice, it will be discarded.
Failed to be uploaded.
Click RETRY ALL to make another attempt.


Tip: If automatic processing was disabled or if the upload was interrupted, it is possible to resume the upload or add more images:
1. On the sidebar of the project, select the tab Files.
2. If the previous upload pop-up is open, close it.
3. In the upper-right corner, click UPLOAD IMAGES.
4. When ready for processing, close the upload pop-up.
5. In the upper-right corner, click START PROCESSING.

6. Once the upload is completed and the processing is automatically or manually started, a pop-up informs that the project has been submitted for processing. Click DONE. An email is sent shortly to inform of the project status.
7. Click the three-line menu button to display the left toolbar.
8. Click Projects to go back to the home page.


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