Basic checks and troubleshooting

When facing a problem, it is strongly recommended to verify the following. It can be related to the connection and communication with the aircraft, the continuity of the mission, the image triggering, etc.


Latest versions
Pix4D mobile application(s) Access the app description in Google Play or App Store and check for update. For more information about the release notes: 200798215.
Drone mobile application
  • DJI drones: DJI GO or DJI GO 4.
  • Parrot drones: FreeFlight Pro.
Access the app description in Google Play or App Store and check for update.
Drone and remote controller firmware Open the drone app, connect to the aircraft, and check for update.
Flight plan
A nearby wireless network could cause interference in the communication with the drone. It is not recommended to fly in these areas.
The flight plan could be located in a no-fly zone (e.g. close to an airport). Check for eventual restrictions in the area, unlock the no-fly zone in the drone app, or contact the manufacturer for more information.
The drone is too far from the flight plan. For more information: 115001498026.
The aircraft and camera could be not supported, or not selected in Pix4Dcapture. For more information about supported hardware: 203991609. Open Pix4Dcapture, tap settings in the home screen, and check the drone and camera (iOS) options.
The space on the SD card or internal memory could be insufficient. Connect the drone to a computer and remove data if necessary.
The SD card could require reformatting. Open the drone app, connect to the aircraft, and reformat the SD card using the corresponding option.
The drone and camera could require to be calibrated. Open the drone app, connect to the aircraft, and proceed with calibration.
Safety limitations could prevent the drone from starting, e.g. maximum radius around the home point, maximum altitude, fail-safe, return-to-home, etc. Open the drone app, connect to the aircraft, and check the safety settings.


Warning: The drone app should not be running at the same time as Pix4Dcapture. The SDK, allowing the communication with the drone's firmware, cannot interact with both. Therefore it is essential to force quit the drone app. For more information: 209626486.
Important: (Android) Additionally check the drone app is not selected as default app when connecting to the aircraft. For more information: 212300043.


Other suggestions to investigate

  • Is the connection to the aircraft successful using the drone app before starting Pix4Dcapture?
  • Is there any alert popping up in the drone app giving more information about why the aircraft does not start (e.g. battery too cold or too hot, broken USB cable)?
  • Is Pix4Dcapture working on Android but not on iOS (or vice versa) with the same drone?
  • Is Pix4Dcapture working with another mobile device? Check the brand, model, and OS version.
  • (Android) Try to open Ctrl+DJI or Ctrl+Parrot first and then tap Open Pix4Dcapture.

  • Support material:
    • Article - (Android, iOS) Why is the drone not starting the mission?: 217985263.
    • Community - [Pix4Dcapture] Popular posts: 115018151863.


Information: A last suggestion is to always try to restart from scratch (close and force quit the app, disconnect the mobile device, turn off the remote controller and the drone). Starting over can solve the problem as the SDK is sometimes not responsive, resulting in communication issues.


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