Pix4D Desktop 4.0 Preview Technical Release Notes

Version Release date Release type Link  
4.0.11 September 5th 2017 Preview Download
4.0.5 August 24th 2017 Preview Download
4.0.3 August 14th 2017 Preview Download

Disclaimer: The preview version contains new features and bug fixes. Documentation and support are not available. We recommend testing the preview version before using it for production work. 

What's new

  • (4.0.11) Remotely deactivation of floating licenses.

Other enhancements and changes

  • (4.0.11) Improved license management.
  • (4.0.11) The 3D Textured Mesh can be exported in dxf format as polylines for visualization in AutoCAD Civil 3D.
  • (4.0.5) Export of Index calculator content as a correctly georeferenced KML scene.
  • (4.0.5) Improved radiometric calibration status in processing options after changing the default albedo values.
  • (4.0.5) DJI Spark camera included in the camera database.
  • (4.0.5) Updated Korean translations. 

Bug fixes

  • (4.0.5) Fixed compatibility issue of LOD .slpk files with ArcGIS Earth.
  • (4.0.5) Fixed crashes when importing certain sets of images from MAPIR camera.
  • (4.0.2) Fixed restriction of special characters in email and password input form. 

Known issues

  • (3.2.15) Conversion of user templates of a specific version issued errors when being converted from Pix4Dmapper version 3.2 to 3.3.


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