Pix4D Desktop 3.3 Technical Release Notes

Version Release date Release type  
3.3.29 August 23, 2017 Bug fix release  Download
3.3.24 August 09, 2017 New release  Download


Version 3.3.29

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the prevention of project templates created with 3.2 version to be imported in 3.3 version.
  • Fixed compatibility issue of LOD .slpk files with ArcGIS Earth.
  • Fixed crashes when importing certain sets of images from MAPIR camera.
  • Fixed bug where the guided tour project was not installed.


Version 3.3.24

What's new

  • Improved speed of initial processing.
  • New projection algorithm in the rayCloud to better detect outliers when marking the points. See: 202560769.
  • Micasense Atlas uploader connection
    • In the Index Calculator, a new button allows to efficiently upload the reflectance map to your Atlas account: 202558269.
  • Korean translation

Other enhancements and changes

  • The software starts 0.7 seconds faster in Windows.
  • Up to 30% faster Geometrically Verified Matching in the standard calibration pipeline.
  • Improved DTM algorithm. Better building detection parameters have been introduced.
  • Improved color balancing algorithms. This reduces greatly purple artifacts on the edges of the orthmosaics.
  • Improved Tetracam Rig support. In the rig page, the Tetracam rig is now created correctly with the right bands.
  • Support of Micasense RedEdge camera.
  • LOD generation available in p4d files.
  • Improved calibration: correlation parameters are calculated faster and for all projects.
  • The global mask is now also applied during orthomosaic computation.
  • Updated coordinate system database, including Japanese Geodetic Datum 2011 and more.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed reset button in the Mosaic Editor. 
  • Fixed wrong pixel size determination for Aeryon images.
  • Fixed Gamma (radiometric) corrections for the S110 NIR modified camera.
  • Fixed wrong logo in Quality Report in Pix4Dmodel.
  • Fixed crashes during DTM generation.
  • Fixed updating of Image dots in MapView during step 2.
  • Fixed parsing of geolocation file when the image name is a number.
  • Fixed crash when uploading project with image in multiple directories.
  • Fixed crash when creating a project out of multiple videos.
  • Fixed issue in some values not being translated.
  • Fixed issue when importing geolocation file with image filenames containing a + sign.
  • The mosaic editor saves correctly its closing state when the user did not generate a DTM.
  • Fixed missing icons in the quality report after merging.
  • Fixed merging issue when the project or images are on remote drives.

Known issues

  • Possible crash at the end of processing when disabling the automatic Quality Report display.
    • Workaround: don't uncheck the automatic Quality Report display
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