Processing steps

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This section describes the two steps for processing with Pix4Dmodel.

1. Initial Processing

In this step the images and additional inputs such as GCPs described in section Inputs and Outputs will be used to do the following tasks:

  • Keypoints extraction: Identify specific features as keypoints in the images.
  • Keypoints matching: Find which images have the same keypoints and match them.
  • Camera model optimization: Calibrate the internal (focal length,...) and external parameters (orientation,...) of the camera.
  • Geolocation GPS/GCP: Locate the model if geolocation information is provided.

Automatic Tie Points are created during this step. These are the basis for the next steps of processing.

For more information about outputs, see section Inputs and Outputs.

2. Point Cloud and Mesh

This step will build on the Automatic Tie Points with:

  • Point Densification: Additional Tie Points are created based on the Automatic Tie Points that results in a Densified Point Cloud.
  • 3D Textured Mesh: Based on the Densified Point Cloud a 3D Textured Mesh can be created.


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