Cameras requirements

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Cameras commonly used with Pix4Dag:

  1. Multispectral cameras: (e.g. Parrot Sequoia, Airinov multiSPEC 4C, MicaSense RedEdge, ...) these cameras were designed for radiometric fidelity and typically provide the correct information to perform radiometric corrections.
  2. Filter modified cameras: these cameras were not designed for agriculture purposes. They are not as accurate as multispectral cameras but with careful handling it is possible to obtain relative measurements. The choice of specific filters depends entirely on which band one is trying to measure and the indices that should be generated.

Thermal cameras: (e.g. Zenmuse XT, FLIR Vue Pro, Tau2-based sensor, …) to have enough visual content in the images for Pix4D software to reconstruct the scene, the minimum resolution is 640x480. Smaller sensors (320x256) are not recommended and typically do not calibrate. For more information: Processing thermal images.


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