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To create a Pix4D user account:

1. Go to the sign up page.
2. Complete the sign up form.


3. Review and accept the Terms Of Service, and Software EULA.
4. Review and accept the Privacy Policy.
5. Click Continue.
6. Review the Privacy Settings.
7. Click Save.

Important: When the sign up is completed, click the activate account button in the email sent to the selected email address and start using Pix4D products.
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  • Carlos Congar

    Buenos dias.

    Acabo de obtener una aprueba gratuita pera evaluar el software y no me deja analizar el punto 3, (DSM Otomosaico) Este punto es en el que más inyerés tengo, por lo que les ruego se pongan en contacto conmigo para decirme qué ocurre y si es posible trabajar este punto con la demo de 15 días.

    Gracias y saludos.

    PD: Mi cuenta es 14julcas

  • Teo (Pix4D)

    Hi Carlos,

    Happy New Year!
    Thank you for using the Pix4D trial version, we hope you enjoyed our product. Unfortunately, we can offer a trial license for our Pix4D products for a limited time. We understand that you would like to learn more, so we ask you to consider taking advantage of Pix4Ddiscovery or a 30-day rental to one of our products. Please keep in mind that each Pix4D license is a floating license, which allows you to activate Pix4D desktop application on as many devices as the number of seats included with your license. For more information about licensing, please visit Pix4D store or contact our Sales team.

    However, please note that Pix4Ddiscovery exports only the quality report and the 3D video animation. However, you are still able to visualize the densified point cloud and the 3D textured mesh. For added functionalities, we strongly recommend purchasing a 30-day or yearly rental.



  • Tresa Zen

    Good evening, I have license for 15 days trial but can not access it. What should I do?

  • Zendesk Admin Service Account

    Hello Tresa,

    Given that we are already in contact with you via our ticketing system, I will delete this post to keep our communication in one channel :-)

  • Darren Jackson

    When i try to click on the link sent to me in the verification email it doesn't work and states the link can't be reached with a DNS server problem.

    How can i therefore verify my email address?

    I have just got my first Parrot anafi and am trying to sign up for the first time.

    Thanks Darren

  • Zendesk Admin Service Account

    Hello Darren,

    I am sorry to hear you get this issue. DNS issues cannot be caused by us. As a possible solution, you could try to change the browser and/or reset the router. If this does not help, you can setup new DNS from ther router.

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