How to fill the Support Request Form in

When contacting the Support Team, some typical details and files are often needed in order to diagnose the problem. Below is a list of things to provide when submitting a support request depending on the application. Each file is optional but strongly recommended if applicable.


  Pix4D Mobile Pix4D Desktop Pix4D Cloud


* Operating system.
* App version (latest is recommended).
* Drone and eventually camera (if not default).
* Drone's firmware (latest is recommended).
* Device's brand and model.

* Any useful information that could help.

Agricultural / thermal
* Camera used to acquire the images.

* Name of the uploaded project.
* Link of the processed project.

Agricultural / thermal
* Camera used to acquire the images.


* Screenshot(s) of the issue, e.g. Mission view.

* Copy of the quality report.
* Copy of the log file.
* Copy of the .p4d file.
For more information: see below.
* Screenshot(s) of the issue, e.g. rayCloud view.

Agricultural / thermal
* Subset of the images, e.g. 10.

* Screenshot(s) of the issue, e.g. 2D view.


Where to find the project files

Below are the project files and their respective location:

  • The quality report: ...\project_name\1_initial\report\project_name_report.pdf.
Note: It is possible to generate the quality report without reprocessing step 1 entirely. For more information: 202558319. To better understand the problem, a preliminary analysis of the results using the quality report might help. For more information: 202558689.
  • The log file: ...\project_name\project_name.log.
  • The .p4d file: ...\project_name.p4d.

For more information about the project folder structure: 202558649.


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