Pix4D Desktop 3.3 Preview Technical Release Notes

Version Release date Release type  
3.3.19 July 27th 2017 Preview Download
3.3.17 July 11th 2017 Preview Download
3.3.14 June 27th 2017 Preview Download
3.3.13 June 15th 2017 Preview Download
3.3.7 May 17th 2017 Preview Download
3.3.4 May 5th, 2017 Preview Download

Disclaimer: The preview version contains new features and bug fixes. Documentation and support are not available. We recommend testing the preview version before using it for production work. 

What's new

  • (3.3.17) New projection algorithm in the rayCloud to better detect outliers when marking the points.
  • (3.3.13) Micasense Atlas uploader connection
    • In the Index Calculator, a new button allows to efficiently upload the reflectance map to your Atlas account.

Other enhancements and changes

  • (3.3.19) The software starts 0.7 seconds faster in Windows.
  • (3.3.17) Up to 30% faster Geometrically Verified Matching in the standard calibration pipeline.
  • (3.3.17) Improved DTM algorithm. Better building detection parameters have been introduced.
  • (3.3.17) Information about the optimizer and lever-arm have been removed from the Quality Report.
  • (3.3.13) Improved color balancing algorithms. This reduces greatly purple artifacts on the edges of the orthmosaics.
  • (3.3.13) Improved Tetracam Rig support. In the rig page, the Tetracam rig is now created correctly with the right bands.
  • (3.3.7) LOD generation available in p4d files.
  • (3.3.4) Improved reading of Micasense Rededge camera.
  • (3.3.4) Improved calibration: correlation parameters are calculated faster and for all projects.
  • (3.3.4) The global mask is now also applied during orthomosaic computation.
  • (3.3.4) Updated coordinate system database, including Japanese Geodetic Datum 2011 and more.
  • (3.3.4) Slight improved calibration speed, mostly for larger projects.

Bug fixes

  • (3.3.19) Fixed reset button in the Mosaic Editor. 
  • (3.3.17) Fixed wrong pixel size determination for Aeryon images.
  • (3.3.17) Fixed Gamma (radiometric) corrections for the S110 NIR modified camera.
  • (3.3.14) Fixed wrong logo in Quality Report in Pix4Dmodel.
  • (3.3.13) Fixed crashes during DTM generation.
  • (3.3.13) Fixed updating of Image dots in MapView during step 2.
  • (3.3.13) Fixed parsing of geolocation file when the image name is a number.
  • (3.3.13) Fixed crash when uploading project with image in multiple directories.
  • (3.3.13) Fixed crash when creating a project out of multiple videos.
  • (3.3.13) Fixed issue in some values not being translated.
  • (3.3.13) Fixed issue when importing geolocation file with image filenames containing a + sign.
  • (3.3.7) The mosaic editor saves correctly its closing state when the user did not generate a DTM.
  • (3.3.7) Fixed missing icons in the quality report after merging.
  • (3.3.4) Fixed merging issue when the project or images are on remote drives.

Known issues

  • (3.3.4) Possible crash at the end of processing when disabling the automatic Quality Report display.
    • Workaround: don't uncheck the automatic Quality Report display
  • (3.3.4) In very rare cases, regression in calibration speed
    • Fixed in 3.3.7
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