Pix4D Desktop 3.2 Technical Release Notes

Version Release date Release type  
3.2.23 May 02, 2017 New release  Download


Version 3.2.23

What's new

  • Tiled LOD mesh in OSGB and SLPK generation and export
  • Upload project files
    • Up to 10x faster upload
  • New description in the processing templates
  • New graph in Quality Report: camera parameter correlation matrix
  • Russian translation


Other enhancements and changes

  • Phantom 4 Pro camera model with optimized parameters
  • Generated TIF are faster to load in third party software such as GlobalMapper
  • Speed up the time to load the software by 20%
  • New template for the thermoMAP/FLIR.
  • Improved camera model sensor size estimation.
  • Prevents MTP/GCPs to have the same name in the rayCloud
  • Replaced CLI Pix4Dmapper.com by Pix4Dmapper.bat
  • Prevents processing while the PDF quality report is open in a third party software
  • SGM add-on removed: 115001884506

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue in the satus of the output widget after generating contour lines
  • Fixed bug in the display of XY orientation constrains
  • Fixed bugs in the display of the reflectance map in the index calculator
  • Fixed bug preventing to add a MTP after clicking on a GCP in the camera view in the rayCloud
  • Fixed bugs that prevented sometimes the update of the volume computation after editing the tie points 
  • Fixed bugs in the drawing of volumes base surface
  • Fixed crash when importing an empty flightlog
  • Fixed crashes in the map view
  • Fixed bug where step 1 failed in some rare cases when multiple images have the same geolocation.
  • Fixed bug with certain locals and the comma separator
  • Fix bug where Process > Open Results Folder... was not working when using a network drive.
  • Fix bug where in some cases there was an offset between the cursor and the objects in the 3D view when the Microsoft Windows scale is larger than 100%
  • Fixed bug in the CLI where --logout failed after command line license activation
  • Fixed bug that prevented the saving of Mosaic Editor changes

Known issues

  • Merging projects located on network drives sometimes fails
    • workaround: Copy everything locally or use any 3.3 preview


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