(Android, iOS) How to plan and fly a mission without Internet in the field

It is not needed to have internet connection (mobile data or Wi-Fi) to perform missions. Internet is required to log in and to get the SDK token. For more information: 206617636.

Only the geolocation signal of the mobile device is used to locate the mission and the home point with respect to the drone's GPS on the Map view of the app. The geolocation services of the device work independently of mobile data and Wi-Fi.

To fly without Internet in the field, the following procedure is recommended:


1. Plan the mission in advance with Internet connection.

1.1. Turn on the Internet connection.
1.2. Open the app.
1.3. In the Home screen, select the type of mission to prepare.
1.4. In the Map view, focus on the area of interest and bring the default flight to that location using the Reset button. For more information about the geolocation options in the Map view: 115001609983.
1.5. Adjust the mission and personalize the flight settings (size, orientation, altitude, overlap, camera angle, etc.).
1.6. Save the planned mission with its base map.

  • (Android) Tap the Save button in the Map view. The current background is automatically exported on the device. For more information: 115000124163.

  • (iOS) Tap the Save button in the Map view to save the flight plan only. The base map is automatically cached on the device when the mission is being planned, but not exported. It will remain on the device for 2-3 days depending on the usage of the temporary memory. The cached data and the planned mission are not erased even if the app is closed, forced to quit, or even if the device is rebooted.
Tip: To make it efficient:
  • Move all around the flight to load the surrounding tiles.
  • Repeat these actions at different zoom levels. For high level of zoom make sure to cover the area below the flight.
  • Wait a bit between each move to make sure the tiles are loaded properly.

On both Android and iOS, the base map will be loaded next time if no Internet connection is available.


2. Fly in the field without Internet connection.

2.1. Activate the device geolocation services.
2.2. Open the app.
2.3. Load the planned mission with its base map.

  • (Android) In the Home screen, tap Project List. In the Project List screen, select the project containing the flight that was prepared beforehand. For more information: 208820126.
  • (iOS) In the Home screen, tap Mission Manager. In the Mission Manager screen, select the project containing the flight that was prepared beforehand.

2.3. Once the Map view is displayed, tap Start.


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