(Android) Circular Mission Settings

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For more information about the supported missions depending on the drone: 209960726.

Access: In the Home screen, select Circular Mission. In the Map view, tap ic_settings.png.


Defines the drone's speed from a range between Slow and Fast (default). The maximum speed depends on the selected overlap and flight altitude. The scale has six levels corresponding to percentages of the maximum speed between 100% (Fast) and 50% (Slow). The speed should fluctuate between 2 and 8 m/s and is not constant during the flight since the drone slows down to trigger pictures.

Information: Reducing the speed might help to avoid capturing blurry images, but the Fast option is reliable for an optimal reconstruction with the software.

Capture angle (°)

Defines the angle that separates consecutive images. The smaller the angle, the higher the image overlap. The value varies between (Low) and 20° (High). The default value is 10° but if it was changed previously, the angle is the one of the last planned mission.

Important: The drone translates to always face the Point of Interest (POI) which is the center of the flight. This point should be defined in DJI GO, DJI GO 4, or FreeFligth Pro. The camera angle is set to focus on the ground. In other words, the camera angle is closer to vertical when the flight altitude is higher.


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