Error: SGM activation failed!


In the log file: [Error]: "SGM activation failed!"



Starting from Pix4D Desktop version 3.2 the Semi-Global Matching (SGM) processing is not available anymore.
Previous versions still have the SGM option present. When the Use Semi-Global Matching option is enabled in the Processing Options, an error during the Dense Matching step will be received in the log file. 




The 3rd-party SGM add-on is not available anymore. A new built-in algorithm is currently being developed.



1. On the menu bar, click Process > Processing Options...
2. Select the processing step 2. Point Cloud and Mesh.
3. Select the tab Add-ons.
4. Disable the Use Semi-Global Matching option.
5. Reprocess step 2. Point Cloud and Mesh

In this case, the project will be processed based on the Pix4D algorithm. 


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