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Access: In the Home screen, tap Settings.
Drone Selects the drone to fly. For more information: 203991609.
Units Selects between Metric or Imperial. The default selection depends on the geolocation of the device.
Sync automatically
Defines whether the mission is synchronized right after the flight, Checked (default), or manually by the user later, Unchecked. For more information: 204716225.
Enable audio feedback
Defines whether the app emits signal tones, Checked, or is muted, Unchecked. Sounds are emitted when pictures are triggered, when the battery level drops down below 20%, etc.
About Opens a sub-menu with information about the Privacy policy (Pix4D main site) and App version.
Save offline maps
Defines whether the base map is exported and save on the device when planning a mission, Checked (default), or not, Unchecked. For more information: 115000124163.
Street base map provider Opens a pop-up to select and manage alternative providers for the street base map. Default is Mapbox / OpenStreetMap. For more information: 115000124163.
Satellite base map provider Opens a pop-up to select and manage alternative providers for the satellite base map. Default is Mapbox. For more information: 115000124163.
Enable advanced mode Defines whether the advanced user mode is activated to plan and fly, Checked, or not, Unchecked. This mode allows more flexibility with the mission settings like flying higher than 150 m above ground level and to start a mission even if the home point is further than 150 m away from the flight. For more information: 115001498026.
Root directory path Defines the folder on the device (internal memory or SD card) where to store the app and mission files. The default path is /storage/emulated/0/Pix4D. This can be changed if needed (path is case sensitive).


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